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Faculty-Affiliated Research Institutes and Centers

Institute of Management and Accounting

Conducts specialized research and surveys related to business management, accounting, and information.

Institute of Health, Physical Education and Sports Science

Conducts specialized research and surveys related to health, physical education, and sports science.

Science and Engineering Research Institute

Disseminates academic research to public institutions and other entities on the basis of research conducted by the University's science and engineering departments.

Institute of Comparative Law

Contributes to the further development of law education at the University and the legal field in Japan through systematic comparative research of domestic and foreign legal systems, both past and present.

Most Advanced Technology-Related Law Institute

Conducts specialized research in legal fields related to intellectual property rights associated with IT (including computers and digital information) as well as technologies related to bioengineering.

High-Tech Research Center

Contributes to education and research related to information science and information processing at the University, and provides, manages, and operates associated facilities.