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Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq

The Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq was established in 1976 at our Machida Campus.

With the principal aim of studying ancient Eurasian cultures centered on the region that is now Iraq, in recent years the Institute has conducted fieldwork in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, has participated in the UNESCO project for restoration of Iraq's cultural treasures, and is engaged in various other joint research projects, interdisciplinary research, and international exchanges. The results of these activities are made available in a variety of publications, including the Institute's own journal, Al-Rafidan.

In 2001 the Institute conducted the third survey of the archaeological site at Kish, and in 2003 conducted an assessment of the damage to the Iraq National Museum and other cultural artifacts as a result of the Iraq War. The war has forced a suspension of other activities in Iraq, but the Institute is assisting in training Iraqi researchers in neighboring Jordan.

Academic Staff

II, Hiroyuki



West Asian Archaeology
Excavations at Ancient Kish, Excavation at Umm Qais. Jordan, Mesopotamia, The Synthetic Study of World Cultural Heritage, The Overall Studies for Database on the Research of the West Asian History

NISHIURA, Tadateru

Conservation Science
Study on Preservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites, Study on International Cooperation for Conservation of Cultural Heritage

* NUMOTO, Hirotoshi

Western Asia Archaeology
Culture of the Ninevite 5 Period, Pre-history of the Northern Mesopotamia

OGUCHI, Hiromichi

Mesopotamian Archaeology
2nd Millennium B.C. Northern Mesopotamia, The Old Assyrian Period, Studies in Mesopotamian Archaeology and History

OGUCHI, Kazumi

West Asian Archaeology
History and Archaeology in Mesopotamia, 2nd Millennium B.C. in the Middle Euphrates Region

OHNUMA, Katsuhiko

Prehistoric Archaeology
Prehistoric Technology

OKADA, Yasuyoshi

Architectural History
West-Asian Architecture, Conservation Planning of Cultural Heritage, History of the Early Christian Architecture

* Serving Concurrently



English version coverEnglish version cover

Since 1980, The Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq annually issues “al-Rafidan: Journal of Western Asiatic Studies" as a bulletin of Institute. To contribute academic progress, we ask for submissions from public. There is no qualification to submit. For further information, please refer editorial policy, written at the end of each PDF.

You can download the PDF from here.
volume number year of published file size pages
I 1980 185MB 332
II 1981 87.7MB 376
III&IV 1982 63.9MB 122
III&IV 1983 63.9MB 122
V&VI 1984 288MB 288
V&VI 1985 288MB 288
VII 1986 21.1MB 130
VIII 1987 21.9MB 42
IX 1988 163MB 276
X 1989 182MB 395
XI 1990 138MB 263
XII 1991 146MB 311
XIII 1992 91.2MB 162
XIV 1993 150MB 306
XV 1994 92.8MB 164
XVI 1995 180MB 380
XVII 1996 135MB 296
XVIII 1997 244MB 400

volume number year of published file size pages
XIX 1998 69.1MB 142
XX 1999 81MB 131
XXI 2000 82.5MB 133
XXII 2001 117MB 119
XXIII 2002 82.7MB 87
XXIV 2003 92.8MB 108
XXV 2004 53.7MB 63
XXVI 2005 18.3MB 74
XXVII 2006 91.7MB 187
XXVIII 2007 56.4MB 145
XXIX 2008 154MB 208
XXX 2009 95.6MB 240
XXXI 2010 61.2MB 222
XXXII 2011 66.5MB 344
XXXIII 2012 38.6MB 68
XXXIV 2013 24.6MB 154
XXXV 2014 9.06MB 122


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