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Research Institutes and Centers

Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq

Engages in joint research, interdisciplinary research, and international exchange for the purpose of elucidating ancient Eurasian culture, with a focus on Iraq.

Institute of Budo and Moral Education

A research institute unique to Kokushikan that, through research on the martial arts, focuses on the realization and dissemination of human studies in pursuing the ways of both the pen and the sword.

Asia-Japan Research Center

Academically investigates the highly fluid social and cultural phenomena of Asia, and provides a open forum for research-centered interaction.

Wellness Research Center

Founded for the purpose of promoting the wellness of citizens of all ages.

International Center

Pursues academic exchange through educational research activities; dispatches students overseas; and accepts trainees from abroad.

Career Formation Support Center

Cultivates companies for graduate employment; collects and provides information; holds explanatory meetings regarding employment; facilitaes coordination and cooperation regarding employment-related policies among different University departments; and engages in other employment-related activities.

Lifelong Learning Center

Widely disseminates the research results and educational functions of the University to society at large and contributes to educational, adacemic, and cultural development among both students and the general public.