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School of Science and Engineering

Features of the Faculty

New education system of "one department, six fields" heightens specialization and responds to the dreams of each student.

The former Faculty of Engineering is now the School of Science and Engineering. In place of the approach of classifying departments and majors according to narrow areas of specialization, we have adopted the new system of "one department, six fields." The six fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Informatics, Architecture,Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Health and Medical Engineering, and Mathematics and Science have been chosen from the broad educational field of science and engineering and interlinked so that each student can study according to study plans based on his or her aspirations for the future. In this way, the School of Science and Engineering aims to heighten the specialization students need to realize their ambitions while nurturing wide vision and comprehensive judgment based on broad education and knowledge. The four-year course is designed to provide the comprehensive support for students to discover and realize their dreams.

Educational Goals

Fostering human resources who can identify problems and find their solutions while experiencing the significance and joy of creating, and apply their outstanding creativity to diverse needs.

To respond to the diversification of students, we aim to provide stimulating education by dividing classes according to proficiency. Through the academic adviser system and small-class system, the School of Science and Engineering places importance on the needs of each student from enrolment to graduation, providing support for basic learning, student life, acquisition of qualifications, and finding a job. Rather than dealing only with theoretical questions, topics closely related to actual society are actively incorporated in the curriculum. To this end, emphasis is placed on fostering practical skills such as foreign language communication skills and the ability to use computers as a tool. By teaching students to identify problems and find their own solutions and to determine their future paths according to their goals while experiencing the significance and joy of creating, the School of Science and Engineering aims to foster highly creative human resources who can respond flexibly to the diverse needs of contemporary society.

Department of Science and Engineering

With six fields to choose from under one department, students can tailor their courses to achieve their personal future goals.

Academics Staff

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