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Faculty of Physical Education

Features of the Faculty

The Faculty of Physical Education trains outstanding athletes and coaches for national and international competition, the Olympics, and the world of professional sports, and also trains emergency medical technicians and gymnasts for children. It is a major force supporting the development of sports in Japan.

Since its founding in 1958, the Faculty of Physical Education has sent many talented athletes to national and international competitions, the Olympics, and the world of professional sports. With progress of the aging society and increasing public interest in personal health, the role played by sports and physical education has increased. In response to these social needs, we have built state-of-the-art facilities and in the year 2000 created two new departments: the Department of Martial Arts and the Department of Sport and Medical Science. The former is aimed at training martial arts instructors who can employ the spirit of the martial arts to counter the deepened spiritual ruining of contemporary society; the latter to train students highly skilled in the emergency medical technology needed to cope with our aging population. The department of Sport Education for Children, newly founded in 2007, has started to rear future excellent gymnasts for children. From its earliest days the Faculty of Physical Education has had, as its goal, the fostering of a balance of “spirit, skills, and physical fitness”and instilling its graduates with “the spirit of fair play.” At our green and spacious Tama and Machida Campus we train lifelong sports leaders who can comprehensively integrate sports and health sciences.

Educational Goals

We aim at training individuals who, through physical education and sports, can act as the standard-bearers of a healthy, happy society and contribute to the international community.

In accordance with the Kokushikan University tradition of unity of the martial and literary arts, students of physical education and sports are encouraged to master the etiquette and rules of the game and acquire broader specialized knowledge and advanced skills. Fostering a martial arts characters in physical education and sports and the promotion of scholarly research, our goal is the training of sound minds and healthy bodies. The Faculty of Physical Education not only trains athletes and coaching staff for activity in the front ranks of sport, and many of the physical education instructors teaching in secondary education; it also teaches talented individuals to play leading roles in bringing sports and physical education to local communities and disseminate knowledge of emergency medical care. Our goal is to train them to respond to the changing needs of society, promoting the development of an advanced emergency medical system, acting as the standard bearers of a healthy, felicitous society, and contributing to the international community.

Department of Sport and Physical Education

Fosters, through the actual practice and research of sports, human resources who are balanced in terms of heart, technique, and physique.

Department of Martial Arts

Through research and practical training in the martial arts, instills in students a rich martial-arts spirit and high ethical character.

Department of Sport and Medical Science

Provides practical training in the knowledge and techniques necessary for becoming a paramedic.

Department of Sport Education for Children

Nurtures sports leaders who can contribute to the training of the body, the education of the heart, and the development of good human character.

Academics Staff

List of Academic Staff
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